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RoboForm Special Release

When was that last time you visited a web site that asked you for a login ID, password, or account number? With all the web sites I visit on a regular basis, it's tough to keep track of that sort of stuff. I used to use Internet Explorer's ... AutoComplete to remember my logins and passwords for me, until I got fed up losing all my important data every time the computer had to be restored or formatted. A while ago, I asked Infopackets Readers for an alternative solution to AutoComplete. Thankfully, many Readers referred me to a program which not only remembered all my form data, but also allowed ... (view more)

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Roboform Pro Discount

It appears that Infopackets Readers leave quite an impressionable footprint when visiting a web site that has been mentioned in the Infopackets newsletter. At least, that's what Andrew Finkle of Siber Systems informed me today. Since mid-April of ... this year, well over 2,000 Infopackets Readers have downloaded an installed RoboForm on their machine. Reminder: What is RoboForm? RoboForm remembers and completes web-form data on web sites. If you frequent sites which require login information (IE: user name and password) -- or, if you just plain hate filling out repetitive web-form data, RoboForm ... (view more)

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