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'ScreenSnag', and 'Speckie for Windows 8 5.8'

ScreenSnag ScreenSnag lets you take a photograph of your computer's screen. But that's not all -- ScreenSnag also lets you customize that screenshot by giving you the ability to capture the entire screen or a section of the screen with just ... a single hotkey or mouse click. Speckie for Windows 8 5.8 Speckie is a real-time spell check program designed for Microsoft's Windows operating system. Now it's available for Microsoft's newest Windows OS, Windows 8. Download this program if you want to save yourself from the embarrassment of making ugly spelling errors! ... (view more)

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'ScreenSnag', and 'Ditto 3.18.46'

ScreenSnag ScreenSnag is a free Windows software utility that provides a quick and easy way to take photos of your computer's display screen. You can capture the entire screen, a region of the screen, a single window, or an element on a ... window by pressing a single hotkey or clicking once. You can also use the software's 'Timer' option to perform screen captures at regular intervals that you define. Ditto 3.18.46 Ditto is a free software tool that provides an extension of the standard Microsoft Windows clipboard feature. It allows you to save each item on the ... (view more)

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