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Best Anti Ransomware Software Free - 5 Steps

Infopackets Reader Kevin L. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have been researching the best anti ransomware software for 2018 and came across your website. I was wondering if you had any recommendations? While searching for the best anti ransomware software ... (free), many websites have their own opinion on what anti ransomware software is the best, but most require a paid subscription. What is your opinion on the best anti ransomware software for PCs? " My response: I've answered this question in depth before (in a round about way) with my guide on How to Prevent Ransomware in 2018 - 10 Steps . This ... (view more)

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Windows 10 Security Simplified

Microsoft is to launch a simplified all-in-one tool for keeping track of security in Windows 10. It's based around what Microsoft is calling the "five pillars of protection." The new tool will be called the Windows Defender Security Center. As the ... name suggests, it's a mixture of Security Centre (a longstanding menu in Windows) and Windows Defender, Windows 10's built-in security software which replaces the old Microsoft Security Essentials. It's currently in testing among users who have signed up for 'fast ring updates', but will be introduced to the general public via ... (view more)

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XP Service Pack 2 reports No Virus Scanner installed?

Infopackets Reader Jospeh D. writes: " Dear Dennis, Your newsletters are the greatest! I've installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 *twice* on my machine, and both times, it told me that I didn't have a virus program installed. I've tried Grisoft ... AntiVirus and also tried AVAST32. Still, Windows XP is not recognizing them. Every time I start my computer there is a reminder for me to install a virus program. Am I protected or not? " My response: This one had me stumped, too. If your antivirus program is sitting in the tray (next to the clock), then chances are that it's working. It's a ... (view more)

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