security flaws

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Most Antivirus Not Secure, Exploitable: Report

For many users, installing antivirus software is one of the first things to do after purchasing a new computer. But one security researcher suggests that today's antivirus programs are anything but effective; in fact, he claims many antivirus ... programs are filled with security flaws. Fourteen Antivirus Products Vulnerable, Researcher Claims Joxean Koret is a researcher at COSEINC, a Singapore-based security firm. Over the past year, he's carefully analyzed a wide range of antivirus products in search of security vulnerabilities. Earlier this month Koret presented his findings at the ... (view more)

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Linux vs Windows: Security

Viruses, Trojans, adware, and Spyware... MS Windows lets all these enter your computer easily. In a recent report I read, the average time before a Windows PC connected to the Internet (with Service Pack 2 installed) gets infected in about 40 ... minutes time (and as little as 30 seconds). And on top of that, adequate protection isn't always enough. Even with a firewall, antivirus, antiSpyware software, plus a more secure web browser and email client (such as Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird instead of Internet Explorer and MS Outlook), you'll still need to pray that pirates aren't smart enough to ... (view more)

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