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Time: MS Excel

There are several different methods of entering time into a cell. Take a look below to see them. After you've read all about it, open MS Excel and take them for a test drive. I find that if I use a function I'm more likely to remember it the next ... time I need it. To enter the current time into a cell you can use a keyboard shortcut: Select a cell and press CTRL + Shift + ; To enter the current time into a cell by using a formula that returns the current date and time: Enter the formula: =NOW () To get a formula that calculates the current time, change the format of the cell containing the NOW ... (view more)

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'Win Services', and 'Hw Virtual Serial Port'

Win Services WinServices is an enhanced Windows Service Manager. You can start/stop services, but also you can view and change all service data such as state, description or name. WinServices allows you to create a snapshot of the current services, ... and later compare it with a new configuration, to see which services have been changed, added or removed. Hw Virtual Serial Port Serial port emulation. This software tool adds a virtual COM port, (COM 5 for example) and redirects the data from this port through the TCP/IP network to ... (view more)

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