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New Microsoft Flight Simulator Available: Free (Soon)

Microsoft is making big tweaks to its long-running Flight Simulator game, including the elimination of all charges for playing it. The game is also renamed without the word 'Simulator.' It's now referred to as "Microsoft Flight" and is rumored to be ... released in the Spring of 2012. Microsoft's Flight Simulator titles have been among the most popular PC games since the first of the series was released back in 1982. (Source: ) Since then, the games have always placed major emphasis on simulating real-world flight, a capability that separated Flight Simulator from most ... (view more)

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'MP8085 Simulator', and 'Balloon Killer XP'

MP8085 Simulator This is a simulator of the powerful 8085 microprocessor DynaKit. This archive also contains the various kits that can be interfaced with the DynaKit like 8255, 8259, etc. This is an simulator only for academic use and is a must-see ... for those studying 8085 microprocessor basics. Balloon Killer XP Hate those annoying 'balloon' tips in Microsoft's most popular operating system, Windows XP? Now zap them for good with this new program that can be had for absolutely no charge! Today's fresh software picks were provided ... (view more)

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