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'Simply Slideshow 1.0.35', and 'Spicebird 0.8'

Simply Slideshow 1.0.35 Simply Slideshow cuts the frills and allows you to make simple, straight-forward but fast-loading slideshows, quickly and easily. Tens of thousands of photographs can be integrated into each slideshow with this tool. Note: ... the download is stored through CNET. Spicebird 0.8 Spicebird provides integrated email, calendaring and instant messaging with an intuitive user interface. It runs on either Windows or Linux. Spicebird is a collaboration application, which means it is built on top of various other open source software projects, mainly the ... (view more)

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'Photostage Slideshow Software 2.13', and 'Juke Media Player'

Photostage Slideshow Software 2.13 Photostage Slideshow is a program that allows you to share your visual memories in an interesting and portable way. Simply "drag and drop" images into the sequence you want, or turn a folder of images into a ... instant slideshow with the Quick Create feature. You can also touch up or enhance individual photos and even videos with the included optimization tools. Juke Media Player Juke Media Player is a single program for all your sound, music, and video files. It allows you to create mixed playlists easily from multiple ... (view more)

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Spicy Pictures Whammy Users With Spyware

And now for the biggest surprise of the day: Malware goons are using spicy pictures to install Trojan horses on the computers of excited users. Online security firm Sophos recently reported that the picture slideshow of an exotic young Russian named ... "Victoria Stasova" is installing a vicious Trojan that nabs information from an aroused user's system. Presenting the scantily-clad Russian through a three-frame slideshow, the Troj/Keylog-HD Trojan steals keystrokes and personal data from the infected PC. Graham Cluely, a tech consultant for Sophos, believes that many excited users will be duped ... (view more)

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