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Google Now Offering 15GB Free Cloud Storage

Looking for more storage space in the cloud? Then look to Google Drive, which now offers 15 gigabytes (GB) for free. Until now, Google has been offering users of its Google Drive cloud storage service 5GB for free. However, the company now says it ... will combine its Google Drive service with Gmail and Google+ Photos and give users access to 15GB free storage. Google Drive director of product management Clay Bavor says that consumers will no longer have to stress about freeing up space for more files. "Use Your Storage The Way You Want" "With this new combined storage space, you won't ... (view more)

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Microsoft Readying Smaller Surface Tablet PCs: Report

Microsoft has hinted that smaller Surface tablet computers could be released in the near future. The hint comes in the form of new Windows 8 certification guidelines. According to these new guidelines, Microsoft will soon be able to support compact ... resolutions (and screen sizes), allowing manufacturers to create Surface tablet displays measuring between 7- and 8-inches in diameter. The document goes on to suggest that support will be offered for resolutions as low as 1024x768. Coincidently, this is one of the most popular resolutions for smaller tablet screens. In comparison, current ... (view more)

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Android Tablets More Popular Than iPad: Report

It may seem like the Apple iPad is a ubiquitous device, but a new report suggests that sales of Android-based tablet computers will soon surpass those of Apple slates. Overall, it's expected the tablet market will boom in 2013. According to a new ... report from research firm IDC, the total number of tablet computers shipped this year will reach 190 million units. That's an increase from earlier predictions from IDC, which had previously forecast sales of roughly 172 million units. (Source: ) Smaller Tablets Help Market Grow Reports indicate that the emergence of smaller, lower-priced ... (view more)

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