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Botnet Infections Make India World's Spam Capital

More spam emails come from India than any other country, according to a pair of new reports from separate, reputable sources. SophosLabs has issued a report saying that 9.3 per cent of all spam messages transmitted in the first quarter of 2012 were ... relayed through India before arriving in people's inboxes. The firm lists the United States in second place with 8.3 per cent of spam, and South Korea in third at 5.7 per cent. (Source: ) In a separate report on the same subject covering the same time period, security firm Trend Micro also put India in first place, but attributing 20 per ... (view more)

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WGA Imitation Spyware: Can't Blame Microsoft For This One

As tension mounts over Microsoft's use of the anti-piracy install Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), headlines today are reporting that Spyware goons have caught on and are circulating a program that poses as WGA. The new malware imitates WGA in its ... file name, and is allegedly found most frequently on file transfer sites and through spam emails. The new Spyware, acting upon the segment of the tech population that isn't already avoiding WGA at all costs, can be found in at least two different ways. The first pops up in peer-to-peer file transfer programs, such as Kazaa, and prompts the user to ... (view more)

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