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'SSD Tweaker 1.6.1', and 'Soundbase 2010.10.10'

SSD Tweaker 1.6.1 With all the advice online for SSD (solid state hard drives), it can take hours of research and fiddling to properly setup your SSD drive. This application helps you tweak Windows 2K/XP/Vista and Windows 7 for your SSD in just a ... few clicks. Soundbase 2010.10.10 Soundbase was created as a free alternative to the large amount of commercial mp3 players and most likely it will fit somewhere into your mp3 playing experience. As a player, as a tag editor or as an organizer. It will always give you a quick way of doing common tasks. ... (view more)

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'SSD Drive Tweaker', and 'Remote Process Explorer'

SSD Drive Tweaker With this application, you can help speed up your Solid State Disk (SSD) drive access by disabling / enabling specific Windows Services, including: Indexing Service, System Restore, Windows Defrag, Use Large System Cache, and more. ... Remote Process Explorer Remote Process Explorer is a powerful tool for managing, monitoring and analyzing processes on a local or remote computer. You can also use Remote Process Explorer to run a new process, kill a process or change its priority on remote PC's. Free for non-commercial use. http://lizardsystems. ... (view more)


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