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New Super Stealth Astaroth Malware Records Keystrokes

Microsoft has warned users about a complicated but cunning malware attack that might not be caught by all security tools. The "Astaroth" malware doesn't actually exist as a file in its own right. The main risk to users from Astaroth is that it ... includes a keylogger. This means it can access everything victims type, including passwords and other sensitive data. That's one of the reasons sites such as online banks often ask users to type specific characters (such as third and eighth) rather than an entire password. Malware Hides Within Windows What makes Astaroth so hard to detect is ... (view more)

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Secret Update Breaks Windows Update

A stealth update deviously deployed in July and August by Microsoft without user permission has broken Windows Update, preventing updates from being installed after a "repair" of Windows XP is performed. The problem was first reported by Scott Dunn ... from Windows Secrets , then confirmed by ZDNet . Originally thought to be harmless, the recent download of new support files, known as version 7.0.600.381 for Windows Update, prevents Windows XP users who perform repair installations from a genuine XP CD-ROM (not an OEM restore CD), from installing at least 80 updates and patches from Microsoft. ... (view more)

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