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Messaging program for office or LAN/WAN?

Infopackets Reader Robert F. writes: " Dear Dennis, I really find your newsletters to be interesting and of great help -- keep up the good work! I want to set up an office and be able to email my secretary and have her reply to the email without ... having an Internet connection as I don't need the internet in the business. Do you know of a program that would let me do this? I own a Dell PC and talked to a technician, but they didn't have a suggestion for me. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! " My response: The simple answer is that email is designed to run on the ... (view more)

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StickyNote 9 Review

Throughout the day, hand-written reminders pile up on my desk and in my pocket. All too often, I misplace a phone number before getting a chance to enter it into my Outlook contacts, or one ends up going through the wash -- never to be recovered. ... Luckily, I recently discovered a solution to my paper management problem when I came across a program called StickyNote for Windows. What is StickyNote? StickyNote creates beautiful 3D virtual reminders on Windows desktop, making it easy to keep track of important notes and reminders. In addition to stationing notes on the desktop, StickyNote also ... (view more)

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