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System32 Folder Opens at Startup?

Gazette Reader 'Frances' writes: " Dear Dennis, When I start my computer, the System32 folder opens. I don't know how it started, but how do I make the System 32 folder stop appearing? I went to Start -> Run, typed in 'MSCONFIG', then went and ... looked at my Startup, but I don't know what to uncheck. My Norton software is up to date and I am using Windows XP and Verizon DSL. Please help. Thank you. " My response: This is a frequently asked question. In fact, I managed to find a Microsoft Knowledge Base article (KB#170086) which describes why the System32 folder may appear after you login to ... (view more)

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Difference between a Spyware Cleaner and Registry Cleaner?

Infopackets Reader 'nisarg' writes: " Dear Dennis, I was trying to understand the exact difference between Registry Cleaner software and Spyware Cleaner (antiSpyware) software. Actually, I am confused between these two kinds of software. Could you ... please tell me the difference, and also does the 'Adaware SE - lavasoft' clean both the System Registry, or does it just clean Spyware; if it does not clean the Registry, then what software do you suggest to clean the registry? I do appreciate your time. Thank You. " My response: Before answering your question, first let me briefly explain what the ... (view more)

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Links won't Open?

Infopackets Reader Leonard M. writes: " Dear Dennis, I sure hope you can help with this one -- My web page links will not open properly in Outlook Express (OE). Often times, I'll try and click a link in an email, and it just opens a blank window and ... goes no further. The links simply won't open! I had to copy and paste your web address into the Internet Explorer (IE) address box in order to get here -- and it's a royal pain in the butt! I am thinking that maybe my Popup Stopper or Spyware programs have done something to my system and I'm not sure how to get the link functionality back. ... (view more)

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Reverse Spyware Attack by Reverting Registry?

Infopackets Reader Bill S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just finished reading your article on how important it is to maintain a clean System Registry in order to achieve optimal PC performance. I have a question for you: I have two computers (one with ... Windows XP and the other with Windows 98); the Windows XP computer has a feature called "system restore" which automatically reverts my System Registry to a previously working state [in case I get attacked with Spyware, for example] ... however, my Windows 98 PC doesn't have the system restore feature. My question is: how can I backup ... (view more)

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'Cannot Find Server' error after applying XP Service Pack 2?

Infopackets Reader Denise D. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have Windows XP and currently subscribe to the Road Runner high-speed Internet service (offered by Time Warner). I have tried to install Windows XP Service Pack 2, but after installing it, I ... could no longer access the Internet. I kept receiving a message 'cannot find server' on all sites through Internet Explorer. Subsequently, I had to uninstall the Service Pack in order to regain access to the web. What do I need to do in order to install the service pack and have access to the Internet? " My response: This has been a ... (view more)

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