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New Security Scheme Protects Data from Hackers

A new security technique could completely prevent hackers from intercepting data communications. The technique involves hiding an encryption key inside the same light that travels through standard fiber optic cables. The technique, known as quantum ... key distribution, uses a small amount of data as a key for decrypting much larger quantities of data. Quantum key distribution conveys the encryption key in the form of photons, the fundamental elements of visible light. Polarized photons can be used to indicate a 0 or a 1 -- standard computer binary code -- which is enough to carry any digital ... (view more)

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Hacker Intercepts Cellphone Calls with Homemade Kit

A white hat hacker has demonstrated an ingenious way of intercepting cellphone calls. The homemade do-it-yourself (DIY) kit uses $1,500 worth of equipment to help impersonate a cellphone relay tower. Chris Paget demonstrated the technique on phones ... belonging to audience members at the DEF CON security conference in Las Vegas. He said it involved a flaw in the GSM cellphone technology used by AT ... (view more)

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