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Google Replaces Microsoft: Most Powerful Global Brand of 2007

After enjoying the top spot for a little over a year, Microsoft must now get used to being referred to as the former number one powerhouse in the list of the most affluent global brands of 2007. According to an internationally-published brand ... ranking system, Google bested the popular Microsoft Corp. by a unanimous decision. While not affecting the financial success of the company, the news must still be a little devastating to Microsoft, especially after a year in which the company had launched their highly anticipated operating system, Windows Vista. This is only the second year in a row ... (view more)

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Outsourcing: What Does it Mean for India, China?

In the last few years -- perhaps even decade -- the cost of wages has forced many technological jobs to a place in our galaxy far, far away. Manufacturing as a whole has exploded in China and the Far East, but in recent years, the boom has expanded ... to include other nations in the near-Pacific theatre with a workforce capable of technological achievement. The most recent market for manufacturing outsourcing has been India, but as its wage rates increase, its appeal to the North American and European tech industry decreases. Outsourcing is most widely known as the delegation on internal duties ... (view more)

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