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First Programming Tools, Part 1

It occurs to me that there are a lot of folks that, like me, enjoy using the computer. It becomes more than a fancy typewriter or a games machine or even a jukebox for playing music. We start thinking about how much we would like to make the ... computer do what we want. We want to 'program' the machine! Strangely enough, it doesn't take years of education at the college level to do that. There are tutorials and free software available that we can collect and use to become the magician. Not to mention the thousands of books that are sold in bookstores that cover the subject. So, exactly what ... (view more)

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Copy and Paste Java

Infopackets Reader 'Annie' writes: " Dear Dennis, I'd like to know how to copy and paste something into HTML but don't know how to do it. I am trying to save an animated 'Java' clock I saw on a web site into another HTML document, but I just can't ... seem to get it to go. Can you please help me? I don't really know a lot about computer languages. Thanks. " My response: It sounds like you're trying to copy and paste Java code through the browser; regrettably, it's not as simple as this, as Java is a transparent feature of the web browser. If you want to copy and paste Java that is ... (view more)

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How to print a large-sized web page on a single printed page

After emailing my suggestion on how to use Landscape / Portrait modes to get a large web page to fit properly using a printer, a few users emailed me with thoughts of their own. Infopackets Reader John D. writes: " You could also suggest a program ... such as Gadwin Printscreen , which will print exactly what is on the screen and fit it properly. " Infopackets Reader Theo T. also wrote in: " Another approach to this is to copy what you want to print by pasting in to either a text editor, or WordPad. The downside to using either method is that you will lose pictures and graphics ... (view more)

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