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Report: 700M Android Phones Contain Chinese Spyware

Some cheaply made Android phones are reportedly sending copies of text messages to a Chinese source every 72 hours. The official explanation is that international customers have unintentionally received handsets with a "feature" designed for Chinese ... users. A security firm named Kryptowire made the discovery. It found that hidden software preinstalled in phones was contacting a Chinese server every three days and passing on details including contacts lists and call logs. The software also sent back daily updates with the full content of text messages and location data. (Source: ... (view more)

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Smart Phone Zombie Virus Syphons $300K Per Day: Report

The latest cash-stealing scam, an evasive "zombie virus," is costing Chinese smartphone owners hundreds of thousands of dollars every day. The virus has already appeared on more than one million mobile phones in the Far East, and is reportedly ... responsible for sending out a barrage of text messages to the friends and family of each victim, costing them an average of $300,000 a day (or 2 million yuan). Smart Phone Virus Clever and Malicious The smart phone virus works similarly to a PC infected with a virus. Like a PC-based Trojan, the virus hides within a fake anti-virus smart-phone ... (view more)

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New iPhone App Reduces ID Theft by Unique Password

With the Conficker worm spreading worldwide and social malware figures expected to quadruple in the near future, there is perhaps no greater time to maintain and protect your online identity than right now. In response to these concerns, a new ... iPhone application is set to be released, hoping to make it virtually impossible for someone to infiltrate and steal your personal information. The complex application will generate an additional password for most AOL, eBay and PayPal accounts. To access these protected accounts, users must now input their user ID, password and a six-digit number unique ... (view more)

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Text Messaging Boom Raises Senate Concerns

The number of text messages sent by US phone users has more than doubled in the past year. However, an influential politician is asking questions about suspiciously similar price increases among leading politicians. The mobile phone trade body CTIA ... has just reported a record 75 billion text messages were sent during June, up from 28.8 billion in the same month last year. The same survey found 260 million people use some form of wireless communications device. That certainly raises questions as it would mean an average of 10 text messages per user per day, which sounds remarkably high. CTIA ... (view more)

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The Next Battleground Against Spam and Adult Content: Your Cellphone

Watch out. As industry marketers and publishers turn their attention to providing mobile content, spam and the web's unscrupulous are following suit. Ferris Research, based in San Francisco, estimates that 1.5 billion unsolicited text messages will ... be received by American consumers. That doesn't sound like much when you take into account that 48 billion text messages were sent in December of 2007 alone, but if you are a cell phone consumer that pays 20 cents a message, that can add up to big bucks! (Source: nytimes.com ) According to Juniper Research, $1.7 billion of "mobile adult content" ... (view more)

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