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A checksum is a form of redundancy check, a very simple measure for protecting the integrity of data by detecting errors in data that is sent through space (telecommunications) or time (storage). It works by adding up the basic components of a ... message, typically the bytes, and storing the resulting value. Later, anyone can perform the same operation on the data, compare the result to the authentic checksum, and (assuming that the sums match) conclude that the message was probably not corrupted. The simplest form of checksum, which simply adds up the bytes in the data, cannot detect a number ... (view more)

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Outlook Express has removed access to unsafe attachments, Part 2

With regards to the last issue of the Gazettte newsletter, I received many responses. Here's a few more workarounds: Infopackets Reader Chris B. writes: " As you suggest in the last newsletter, Using the Internet Explorer Unsafe File List to Filter ... E-mail Attachments: Start Outlook Express, and then on the Tools menu, click Options. Click the Security tab, and then click to select the Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus check box under Virus Protection. This option is not enabled by default. If you enable this option, Outlook Express uses the ... (view more)

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