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Just when Linux users thought they were safe: SCO is back!

In mid-August of 2007, SCO, a long-time supplier of Unix-based systems and the arch-nemesis of all things Linux, lost its battle with Novell and IBM over the ownership of Unix. It was a death-blow. SCO promptly filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But ... now, it's back! (Source: Internetnews.com ) In August, a U.S. District Court decision brought to a conclusion the long history of SCO-Linux controversies that began five years ago. In early 2003, SCO launched a campaign to challenge alleged infringement on their intellectual property -- particularly their "ownership" of Unix. Moreover, SCO called ... (view more)

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Frustration Over WGA: Exploring Other Options

Die-hard Infopackets Reader Beverly C. writes: " Dear Infopackets Team, In a recent article , Brandon Dimmel was quoted stating to the effect that " ... frustration by victims of the Windows WGA spying will only build the momentum of Microsoft's ... growing list of competition." My question is: aside from the multiple variations of the Linux Operating System, what other options are there available for home users? Here's my frustration: in each release of MS Windows, there are excessive features that the average home users never accesses and does not (and probably will not) use in the future; yet ... (view more)

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Linux for the Human Race

As a long time UNIX Systems Administrator, I enjoyed the ebb and flow of data processing in a rather intense world of Commercial UNIX. Working with operating systems with names like AIX, Solaris, HP/UX and Irix, I was surrounded with a complex but ... orderly set of environments that although similar at first glance, were fascinating in their strengths and differences. Each was UNIX at the very basic core, but the different philosophy and approach of each vendor made working with each one an interesting experience. And I mean that in a good way! When I discovered Linux in 1994, I had no problem ... (view more)

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