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Android Unlock Bug Fixed

Android users have been urged to check their phone has the latest security patches. It follows a researcher accidentally uncovering a significant flaw in the screen lock. The researcher discovered the problem on a Google Pixel 6 and replicated it on ... a Pixel 5. The problem appears to affect phones running Android 10 or later that use a SIM card, not just those made by Google. However, some reports suggest it doesn't affect Samsung handsets. The problem is with the personal unblocking key (PUK). That's a way to regain access to a handset that's been locked after forgetting the phone's passcode ... (view more)

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iPhone Allows Facial Unlock While Wearing Mask

Apple is to let iPhone owners unlock their phone using Face ID even while wearing a face mask. But the setting is only available to people who also use an Apple watch. Facial recognition is now the primary way to unlock an iPhone rather than use a ... fingerprint or typing in a code. That's proven problematic in a time when people are increasingly wearing face masks in public places as a measure to reduce the risk of transmitting diseases. Unlocked Watch Allows Masked Match It was technically possible for Apple's system, Face ID, to "recognize a face" using a combination of the exposed top half ... (view more)

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Court Rules Against Forced Fingerprint Unlock

A judge says police can't force a suspect to unlock a phone with a fingerprint or other biometric measure, including a suspect's face . It's the latest step in the way privacy laws interact with technological changes. This ruling came from a federal ... judge in a court in California and involved a review of a search warrant request. The case involved two suspects allegedly using Facebook Messenger to trying to extort a victim by threatening to publish an embarrassing video. (Source: gizmodo.com ) The police wanted permission to not only search a location where they believed they would find the ... (view more)

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How to Fix: WD My Book Read Only (Remove Write Protect)

Infopackets Reader Larry O. writes: " Dear Dennis, I don't know what's going on but all my files on my external western digital 'My Book' are marked as ' READ ONLY '. I have tried formatting the My Book drive using File Explorer, but it tells me the ... drive is write protected. I have looked but there is no tab or switch on the USB drive to unlock or disable the write protect . I have also tried formatting the drive with Windows Disk Management but it fails. Also, if I right click the drive partition in Disk Management, the delete option is missing. I am at a complete loss. I have searched for ' ... (view more)

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Cops Could Force Non-Suspects to Unlock Phones

The Department of Justice has argued that police have the right to force anyone in a searched property to unlock phones with a fingerprint lock. Lawyers disputing the argument say that would go beyond the reasonable scope of a search warrant. It's ... the latest development in the ongoing development of privacy and search laws as technology evolves . For example, previous cases have concluded that police can't force somebody to provide a passcode or password to unlock a phone, because it would breach the Fifth Amendment's measures on self-incrimination. However, law enforcement ... (view more)

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'Screamer Radio 0.4.4', and 'EMCO UnLock IT 3.0.1'

Screamer Radio 0.4.4 For the last couple of years there has been an alternative to FM Radio, and it's called streaming internet radio. Screamer Radio is a freeware Internet Radio player for listening to radio on the Internet. Download and listen ... easily to any of over 4000 regional and internet radio stations today. http://www.screamer-radio.com EMCO UnLock IT 3.0.1 Are you struggling with the Windows message that access to resource is denied, or it's in use by another program when you try to modify, rename, move or delete a file or folder? In most cases this message means that a file or ... (view more)

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Password protect Files and Folders?

Infopackets Reader Denise A. writes: " Hi Dennis, First let me say that I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. What a wealth of information it is! I just finished reading Tuesday's Gazette article, ' restricting access to portions of the start menu ', ... for the sake of security. My question is this: can a folder or certain file be password protected? I am running Windows XP. " My response: If you own more than one computer and have a local area network, you can can restrict who has access to what by setting the "share" privileges on Folders. On the other hand: if you only own 1 ... (view more)

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