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Islamic State Supporters Hijack Twitter Accounts

The way Twitter handles 'dormant' accounts has been hijacked to promote terrorist material, according to a report. It's all to do with the way Twitter associates its accounts with email addresses. The report comes from TechCrunch and follows a ... sudden upsurge in posts that don't seem connected to the account in question, but instead appear to come from members or supporters of Islamic State. (Source: ) The problem appears to stem from the fact that Twitter doesn't delete accounts even if they aren't regularly used and may even have been abandoned by their original users. ... (view more)

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Social Search Reveals 700 Comcast Customer Logins

When educational technology specialist Kevin Andreyo recently read a report on people search engines , he decided to conduct a little 'people search' on himself. Andreyo did not expect to find much -- so, imagine the surprise when he uncovered the ... user name and password to his Comcast Internet account, put out there for the entire online world to see. In addition to his personal information, Andreyo also discovered a list that exposed the user names and passwords of (what he believed) to be 8,000 other Comcast customers. Andreyo immediately contacted both Comcast and the FBI, hoping to find ... (view more)

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