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Creating a v-Card from a Contact Entry in MS Outlook

One way to send contact information to someone else is to attach the contact entry to a message as a vCard. You can use this method to share your own contact information or to share one or more other contact entries with another person. Follow the ... steps below to attach a vCard to a message: In the Contacts folder, select the contact item you want to send a a vCard. Choose Actions | Forward as a vCard. Outlook opens a new message from with the contact entry attached as a vCard. Specify an address, complete the message as you would any other, and then click Send to send it. This really ... (view more)

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Sharing Contacts with vCards: MS Outlook

A vCard presents contact information as an electronic business card that can be sent via e-mail. vCards are based on an open standard, allowing any application that supports vCards to share contact information. In addition to sending a vCard as an ... attachment, you can also include it with your message signature. When you receive a message with a vCard attached, a paper clip icon appears in the preview pane to indicate the attachment. Use one of the following methods to add the data in the vCard as a contact entry: From the preview pane, select the paper clip icon and click the filename that ... (view more)

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