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New Infopackets Website Relaunch - FAQs

I have received many frequently asked questions since the new site went live. I'll answer a few questions below. "Why haven't I received any newsletters since December 28?" There have been no newsletters published since the old server was ... discontinued, the new server went live, and all major bugs have been resolved. We expect more bugs to appear in the coming days as users come back to the site and after we send out our first newsletter on the new newsletter delivery system (after making this announcement), so please be patient. Going forward, newsletter delivery will most ... (view more)

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Recover Data from a Bad Burn?

Infopackets Reader Michel S. writes: " Dear Dennis, First, thank you for this very informative and welcoming website. My question today is in regard to a corrupt DVD disc. After having burned some of my favorite downloaded files to DVD disc (using ... the 'D-well' brand blank DVD), some files appear to be OK, but part of the DVD disc cannot be accessed at all. ;-( I am using an ASUS DVD writer and Nero 6.0 for my backup. So far, my computer friends haven't been able to help me with this issue. I'd certainly appreciate if you can help me to clarify this mystery. Thank you in advance! " ... (view more)

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