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Facebook Launches Dedicated Screens

Facebook is launching dedicated devices for video-calling friends and family. While they have some impressive technology, it's a bold move from a company whose reputation on privacy issues is controversial to say the least. The devices are known as ... the "Portal" and "Portal+". They both offer some of the features of 'smart speakers' such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo, but the main function is for making video calls. That's reflected in the 10 inch screen of the Portal and the 15 inch screen of the Portal+. There's no charge for making calls on the devices as they work ... (view more)

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New iPhone 4 Features 'Face Time' Video Chat

Apple has given the world a glimpse of their latest smartphone offering, the iPhone 4, unveiling the product at the company's recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this past Monday in San Francisco. Apple is anticipating great things for the ... new smartphone, even going so far as to call it the "biggest leap" since the original model back in 2007. Among its many impressive features, the iPhone 4 boasts a much sharper display, the new Apple iAd mobile advertising platform, and video capture. All of the features are eclipsed, however, by Apple's crown jewel: video chat. iPhone 4 Users Get ... (view more)

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