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Microsoft Overhauls Office Web Apps Suite

Microsoft has announced several improvements to its free, online edition of Office, Office Web Apps. It's also announced that, for the first time ever, editing tools will be available to users of the Android operating system. Office Web Apps has ... been available since 2010. It includes online editions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, though it only offers each program's basic features. In contrast, Office 365 boasts complete online editions of the these programs. (Source: pcworld.com ) The advantage of Office Web Apps is that you don't have to install any software but can simply access ... (view more)

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MS to Face Challenges With Free, Web-based Office 2010

Microsoft is set to launch their latest software suite, Microsoft Office 2010, which is slated to be released next month. (Source: wikipedia.org ) In an effort to compete with Google's 'Google Docs' software, however, Microsoft is releasing an ... alternative version of Microsoft Office, called Office Web Apps . The Office Web Apps version is available to the public at no charge, but will be supported by advertisements instead of a per-user license fee. Google Docs, Google Apps, compared to MS Office Google Docs is essentially a stripped-down version of a web-based word processing, spreadsheet ... (view more)

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