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New FB, Messenger, Whatsapp Tools Prevent Scams, Fake News

Facebook is testing new tools to stop people being fooled by bogus messages. Meanwhile it's subsidiary "Whatsapp" is working on ways to stop hoaxes and other false information. The Facebook trial is for a series of tools relating to the direct ... messaging elements of the service, which includes messages through the website itself and via the dedicated "Messenger" app for mobile devices. The tools are aimed at messages which come from people or organizations the user hasn't previously communicated with, which carry a higher risk of being bogus than from genuine contacts. The ... (view more)

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Bogus 'WhatsApp' Chat Client Downloaded 1 Million Times

Scammers used a computer code loophole to trick more than a million people into downloading a rogue Android app. The fake variant of WhatsApp appears to have been designed to distribute ads. The bogus app took advantage of the popularity of the ... genuine WhatsApp Messenger, which has been downloaded more than 60 million times on Google Play alone. It's a tool for exchanging messages with friends or groups over the Internet rather than eating into SMS text message allowances. Extra Space Went Unseen "Update What's App Messenger" was one of numerous bogus apps that tried to mislead users with ... (view more)

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'Sumatra PDF 2.4', and 'WhatsApp'

Sumatra PDF 2.4 Looking for an alternative to Adobe's Reader software? Then check out Sumatra, a free PDF, eBook, and XPS reader for the Windows operating system. This program is small, powerful, and starts up very fast. It also boasts an ... easy-to-use interface. http://blog.kowalczyk.info WhatsApp Tired of using different messenger programs to interact with friends and family? WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that allows you to exchange messages using iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone messaging systems. http://www.whatsapp.com/ This freeware software program is brought ... (view more)

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