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Plagiarism Scandal Strikes Wikipedia

With the advent of the Internet, plagiarism has become a disease that teachers, web administrators, and editors alike have been trying to eradicate. Latest in the fight against plagiarism is a case regarding Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online ... encyclopedia that is written and edited entirely by its users. Recently, a critic of the site has accused Wikipedia of containing several biographical articles that seem to have word-for-word passages stolen from other websites. The critic, Daniel Brandt, found the suspected plagiarism examples by using a program that he created to run a few sentences ... (view more)

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Microsoft, Yahoo, Google: September's Top Web Properties

Late last week, comScore Networks revealed the September 2006 ranking of the globe's top fifteen Web properties. ComScore ranks the Web properties based on the number of unique visitors that visit the site. (Source: ) Microsoft, Yahoo, ... and Google: The Frontrunners The results are in: Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google were the top three most visited websites in September -- and all three giants of technology came in close together. Microsoft led the pack with approximately 505 million unique visitors to its site; Yahoo came in second with about 481 million unique visitors; and Google ... (view more)


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