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Gartner Predicts PC Revival in 2015: Report

Market research firm Gartner says that Microsoft's Windows operating system (OS) will play a key role in reviving the struggling PC market in 2015. According to Gartner, Microsoft's termination of security support for Windows XP will be the key ... factor in that revival. There's no denying that the PC industry has been in a downward spiral for several years now. Back in April, one of Gartner's competitors, IDC, reported that quarterly PC shipments had fallen 4.4 per cent to 73.4 million. Businesses to Finally Ditch Windows XP, Gartner Predicts But Gartner says it now sees a light ... (view more)

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Report: Windows 8 Doomed; Win9 Beta Preview in Fall

A new report suggests that when it comes to Windows 8, consumers continue to be very hesitant about upgrading to Microsoft's latest operating system - even two years after its release. That has led some experts to suggest that there's no hope left ... for Windows 8, leaving Windows 9 to carry the slack (reportedly due in the spring of 2015). Windows 8 was released amid some controversy in the summer and fall of 2012. Perhaps the most debatable part of the operating system was its tile-based Metro user interface (now called "Modern"), which embraces touchscreen technology. It was part of ... (view more)

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