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Working with Multiple Worksheets in MS Excel 2007

Working with multiply sheets concurrently is how MS Excel power users create and format a complex workbook with the least amount of effort expended. Follow the steps below to make working with multiple sheet a piece of cake and you will be on your ... way to becoming a power user! Hold down the CTRL key as you click each tab top select multiple worksheets. To select a contiguous group of worksheets, click the first one in the group and then hold down the Shift key and click the last one in the group. To select all the worksheets in the current workbook, right-click any worksheet tab and choose ... (view more)

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Create Custom Styles: MS Excel

If you're tired of reformatting Excel cells over and over with the same format, then take heart because you don't have to any longer! If you want to format each cell containing a sum total with a single line top border and a double-line bottom ... border you can do that! If you want the total results to be in currency format you can do that too! To create a style that will automatically format these cells for you, follow these steps: Click on one of the total cells in your worksheet. Go to Format | Style. In the Style name box, type Total cell. Click Modify. Under the Number tab, select Currency ... (view more)

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Save a Workbook: MS Excel

While you are building an Excel worksheet, it is held in a temporary memory within your computer (called "RAM", or random access memory). Unlike human memory, the computer won't remember anything unless you save your work. If you turn off the ... computer or if the power goes out, all your work disappears. To store your work permanently, you must save it on a disk. The First Time You Save You can save a spreadsheet by using any of these methods: Choose File | Save. Click the Save button on the toolbar. Use the shortcut key Ctrl+S. The first time you save, the Save As dialog box appears ... (view more)

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