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Why Steve Wozniak Doesn't Want a New 'iPad Air'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he's anything but impressed with Apple's newest version of the iPad tablet computer, the iPad Air. The problem, according to 'Woz': the newest iPad simply fails to offer enough storage. Apple unveiled a bunch of ... new and updated products at an October 22 media show, including a super-powerful Mac Pro desktop computer, a new iPad Mini featuring a 'Retina' high-defintion display, and a thinner, lighter iPad Air. New iPad Fails to Meet Woz's Needs "When I finally took a look at the devices, the iPads didn't hit my needs," Wozniak told a London, England, ... (view more)

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Wozniak on $1B Apple-Samsung Verdict: 'I Hate It'

There are few tech industry experts more outspoken than Steve Wozniak, co-founder (along with the late Steve Jobs) of Cupertino, California's iconic and pioneering Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computers, Inc.). Wozniak's back in the spotlight again, ... this time for attacking the jury decision requiring Samsung pay Apple $1 billion for infringing on smartphone patents. Woz on Patent Decision: "I Hate It" In a recent interview with Bloomberg news, Wozniak (popularly known by many as simply "Woz") let it be known that he doesn't agree with the California jury's decision to award Apple more ... (view more)

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