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New Wi-Fi Crack can Intercept Your Data: What You Need to Know

One of the key security protections in WiFi has a serious vulnerability, a researcher has revealed. The exploit has to do with the protocol "WPA2" - currently considered the most secure protocol commonly used on WiFi routers and hotspots. Here's ... what you need to know about the WPA2 exploit. What's the problem and what does it affect? Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef has published a demonstration for what he's called "KRACKs," short for key reinstallation attacks. That's a way of exploiting a weakness in WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access II), the security system that is most ... (view more)

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Wi Fi Cautions

So many people have become enamored with home wireless internet access, and with good reason. It's simple, relatively cheap, and very convenient. Now you can watch TV in the family room while playing poker online. Yeah! It's so easy in fact, that ... all you have to do is run out and buy a wireless router, a wireless card, plug them up and then by basically using the default configuration for both, start surfing! Unfortunately, that is exactly what most people who don't know better do. What many people don't realize is, as easy as it is for you connect to your new wireless connection, it's ... (view more)

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