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Microsoft Toolkit Removes Zeus Trojan from 275k PCs

After weeks of wreaking financial havoc on web users around the world, the dreaded Zeus Trojan is finally showing signs of weakness. Microsoft this week announced that their free malware cleaning tool has targeted the virus, going so far as to ... report the removal of Zeus from 275,000 Windows computers in less than 7 days. Zeus, also referred to as Zbot, is a devious collection of software (a " crimeware kit") that allows hackers to create customized malware that can be used to infect PCs. Zeus is most commonly programmed to target usernames, passwords and other information needed to ... (view more)

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Latest Zeus Trojan Supersedes Antivirus, Undetectable

Just when security companies have developed new ways of dealing with the infamous Zeus Trojan , a variant characterized as the "Son of Zeus" has arisen. Worse yet, the variant has the trait of being virtually undetectable by conventional antivirus ... applications. About the Zeus Trojan and MS Windows The Zeus Trojan made headlines back in 2009 as a "highly customizable" tool for hackers. It's main mission is to sniff out financial information and break into online bank accounts . Security experts estimate that the Zeus Trojan has been used to infiltrate tens of thousands of PCs around ... (view more)

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FBI Busts 37 in $3 Million Zeus Trojan Bank Scam

More than three dozen people allegedly linked to the Zeus Trojan virus have been charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Attorney's office in southern New York. As we reported earlier this week, the Zeus Trojan has been ... promoted by scammers via fake LinkedIn email invitation requests . If you receive an email invitation from someone you don't know, delete it immediately. $3 Million Stolen from Bank Accounts The 37 said to have been involved in the cybercrime ring reportedly stole an estimated $3 million from bank accounts by using Zeus and other forms of malware. ... (view more)

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