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Facebook Makes Friends With Court Opponents

Facebook appears set to settle a long-standing legal row over claims founder Mark Zuckerburg stole the idea for the site from Harvard colleagues. ConnectU, a site for keeping in touch with current and former college classmates, launched the lawsuit ... in question way back in 2004. Its founders, brothers Cameron and Tyler Vinklemoss and Divya Marenda, said Zuckerburg had taken the idea when he worked for them in 2003. This work involved setting up Harvard Connection, a dating site specifically for the university. The lawsuit claimed Zuckerburg deliberately took his time on the project because he ... (view more)

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Journalist Interviews Facebook Boss, Shrinks Own Friends List

The head of Facebook is recovering from a disastrous on-stage conference appearance and the irony is that rival service Twitter made things far worse. Mark Zuckerburg was speaking at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference and Festival, an ... annual event that recently added technology to its music and film remit. His appearance took the form of an interview conducted by technology journalist Sarah Lacy, a columnist for Business Week. She repeatedly interrupted Zuckerburg, asked 'softball' questions and even gave away news that Facebook is planning a French launch, an announcement he'd ... (view more)

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