Difference between a Spyware Cleaner and Registry Cleaner?

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Infopackets Reader 'nisarg' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I was trying to understand the exact difference between Registry Cleaner software and Spyware Cleaner (antiSpyware) software. Actually, I am confused between these two kinds of software. Could you please tell me the difference, and also does the 'Adaware SE - lavasoft' clean both the System Registry, or does it just clean Spyware; if it does not clean the Registry, then what software do you suggest to clean the registry? I do appreciate your time. Thank You. "

My response:

Before answering your question, first let me briefly explain what the System Registry does, incase anyone else is wondering.

In a nutshell, the System Registry (otherwise known as the "Windows Registry, or "the Registry") is one of the most important components of the Windows Operating System. The Registry is actually a database that stores everything about your computer, including: all your installed applications, hardware drivers, program settings, and the like. Spyware typically embeds itself deeply into the System Registry (among other areas). Spyware Cleaners often modify the System Registry to remove an infection. Alternatively, one might seek "manual Spyware removal instructions" when Spyware Cleaners can't remove a stubborn infection; this often entails editing the System Registry by hand.

Having said that: Spyware removers such as Lavasoft Adaware are *not* dedicated registry cleaners, even though they clean part of the registry when removing a Spyware infection.

Comparatively, a dedicated Registry Cleaner, such as Registry Mechanic, can streamline the registry by removing orphaned entries. Orphaned registry entries are no longer used by the system and essentially point to nothing, take up space, and otherwise cause congestion which slows down the operation of your PC.

In short: a streamlined registry = a smoother running machine because Windows relies heavily on the registry for almost every function.

A registry cleaner, such as Registry Mechanic, also works to resolve erroneous entries in the registry which may result in strange error messages. Spyware cleaners do not.

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