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Sextortion (Blackmail) Assistance

Is someone threatening to expose your private pictures or videos online? Want the quickest resolution possible? Leave your phone # in the form below. Do not be surprised if I call you back immediately. My phone number starts with (+1) 226 or will come up as "Confidential". A complimentary recorded call will be sent to you once the form is submitted. Don't forget to check your inbox!

Want more info on my qualifications? Look at my resume.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we are the only Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business with an A+ rating in this industry - view our BBB page here. Here's why you should care: the BBB is a nonprofit organization formed in 1912; its purpose is to protect consumers against unfair, misleading, or fraudulent advertising and selling practices. Our biggest competitor has a D+ rating, goes by 10 different names and has 63+ complaints filed against them on the BBB's website. Translation: be careful who you ask for help with this problem or you will likely regret it, and with no resolution!

Technical Support

I am in extremely high demand and only offer paid support. You can read more about my remote desktop service here.


Dennis Faas, B.CS
CEO | Owner, Chief Editor

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