How to Support Infopackets using Amazon

Many of our readers (myself included) use to shop for everyday items, as well as holiday shopping.

If you would like to support our website and if you plan to shop online in the near future, we kindly ask that you use our Amazon referral links below.

When you click the link, you'll be immediately transported to Amazon's website, where you can start / continue your online shopping. When you complete your Amazon order, a small portion of your purchase (about 4%) will be credited to Infopackets. We'll use proceeds to continue publishing online and to pay our web site operating costs, staff, and writers.

Note that the 4% 'referral fee' is automatically included in the price of whatever you buy online, no matter if you click our referral link or not. (If no one referred you, the 4% goes directly to Amazon rather than being paid out to an affiliate).

Click any of the links below to go direct to Amazon's web site with our affiliate ID embedded:

USA Users: Click here to surf over to

UK Users: Click here to surf over to

CAD Users: Click here to surf over to

Note: any purchases you make within 24 hours of clicking this link will go directly to fund our website. If you need more than 24 hours to browse and complete your transaction, please come back and click one of the links above before proceeding to checkout. There is a time limit on the referral links; anything over 24 hours means that we won't receive credit.

Thanks again for your support!


Dennis Faas
CEO | Owner, Chief Editor