Make Descriptive Notes for Slides: MS PowerPoint

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MS PowerPoint has a feature called "Notes Pages", or "Speaker's Notes" (depending on which version you're using) that allows you to create printable pages that have notes or descriptive text associated with each slide.

To view the Notes page for any slide, go to the View menu and select Notes Pages. You will see an image of your slide there, and a placeholder for adding your script, notes, or any other text you wish. You can cut-and-paste text from MS Word here if you like.

To print these pages, bring up the Print dialog, and at the bottom of the dialog where it says "Print What," select Notes Pages. These pages were originally designed to be used as audience hand outs (with space for the audience to take notes) but were also used by many as speaker's notes. For example: the text block would have the script of the presentation to be used by the speaker.

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