'Booting Windows From A Usb Drive', and 'Fototagger'

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Booting Windows From A Usb Drive

According to the author, "Microsoft denies that booting Windows off a USB drive works To put a long story short, this is exactly what I do now. However, it took me significant time to figure out all the painful little problems, and I was not fully happy with the current official guide by Dietmar (no pun, he was the first to make ANYthing public). I wanted an easy guide that allows creating a modified version of the Windows XP CD, for painless and transparent installation to as many systems as you want. This page is the result of my work. Have fun!



Fototagger can place movable labels on a picture and annotate your images; deliver much more information than pixels can express; memorize people and places on digital photos; turn stacks of digital images to a searchable collection; publish annotated images directly to your blogs, and annotate pictures in a couple of mouse clicks.


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