Google and Dell Conspire for Partnership

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Dell has recently been in negotiations with Google to form a partnership which would combine technologies from both companies in a mutually beneficial way.

The deal will bundle Google software onto brand new Dell PCs, widening Google's ever-increasing dominance in the search engine market.

The Google/Dell bundle has been reported to include "desktop software, which integrates a number of personal computing applications, a Google tool bar and a co-branded Internet home page." Four months ago, it was reported that Google was considering to pay Dell up to one billion dollars over a three year period for a similar deal. (Source:

The agreement between Google and Dell could be quite promising for both companies as the world's number-one PC maker and the Internet's most popular search engine align to market their products.

Dell associates claim that "the tools [of the new Google/Dell mergers] will help the customers search and organize digital information quickly and easily out of the box." (Source:

"There's probably more to come [in the Google-Dell partnership]", Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told investors at a Goldman Sachs Internet conference. "This is the first of several agreements." (Source:

Presently, Dell computers are attempting to enlarge their image by marketing products such as electronics (wide-screen televisions) and by buying out Alienware, Inc, a company which specializes in computer gaming. (Source:

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