Top 10 Sites That Have Changed The Internet ... For Me

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I was thinking about how far the internet has come since I started blogging a few years ago (over yonder at Blogger back then), and decided it was time to show some love for the websites that I wonder how I ever lived without.

I know I've left great sites out, so it's up to you to fill in the blanks. Anyway, without further ado, here are the top 10 websites that have changed the internet for me:

1. Google. For me, Google = Internet. What good would the net be without this search engine? Google is so ubiquitous, that we sometimes forget about it. It's just the search box, right? No! It's the very reason that the internet has become the useful resource that it is today.

2. Gmail. How I love my Gmail! Gmail revolutionized the way I thought about free webmail. Blew my mind with the 2 Gigs, the labeling, and oh my -- chat! I boldy state that my Gmail address may very well be the email address that I keep FOREVER.

3. Who needs to bookmark stuff in their browser anymore? Now I just tag at I can joyously save bunches and bunches of URLs without getting disorganized and having to make folders and sub-folders and all. Plus, we can all share our bookmarks.

4. flickr. Though I'm not a shutterbug, I love looking. I can easily view my peeps' pics or just search for random pictures by tags. flickr is awesome.

5. YouTube. I am so addicted to YouTube! The internet is now not just useful, but fun, too. Crazy Ninja stunts? check! Triumph the Insult Dog? check! The last scene from the X-Files? check! Sweet.

6. TypePad. I love my blog. I love blogging. I love bloggers. People have tried to convice me to join the WordPress bandwagon, which I hear is great, but I just couldn't part ways with TypePad. I love TypePad. But hey, whatever blogging platform works for you. I'm down with that.

7. MySpace. OK, maybe I could live without it...maybe...but the fact is I've wasted many an hour hanging out there. So what if I wish I was 23 again? Who doesn't? You can't deny that the #1 site on the net hasn't had an impact on you...can you? Besides, I can finally keep up with my little sis and long-lost cousins and that kid from my high school French class and that girl who lived in my dorm and that guy I work with and...oh friends.

8. WikiPedia. So maybe it has accuracy issues, but it's so convenient. I can Google my search term and the word "WikiPedia," (there's Google again) and boom! I've got answers.

9. IMDb. Never again will the question "who was that guy who was in that movie?" go unanswered. I guarantee I hit this at least once a week, if not more.

10. Digg. It's the new Slashdot and it's so cool with all its AJAXy goodness. V3 brings it to the masses and leaves us all begging... if you love this, digg it!

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