The Hackberry: Security Firm Develops Blackberry Crack

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For those not already aware, the Blackberry is the definitive palm pilot. Developed by the Canadian company Research In Motion, the Blackberry features a mini keyboard and the ability to send and receive both calls and emails as well as store important dates.

It essentially has the power to ruin any vacation -- no matter where you are -- for any businessman (or woman). ;-)

However, recent discoveries might make the Blackberry a hacker's dream, too. Developed by Praetorian Global consultant Jesse D'Aguanno, the hacking program BBProxy has the power to exploit the link between an average company's internal server and the roaming Blackberries of its employees. According to D'Aguanno, the crack is a perfect bit of mischief, since the connection between the server and the Blackberry is encrypted and thus triggers no alarm when hacked. (Source:

This sounds familiar ...

This isn't the first time an intruder has made big news by making his way past Blackberry security. A Massachusetts teenager was recently sentenced to 11 months in jail for hacking Paris Hilton's Blackberry. (Source:

In all seriousness, this latest development by Praetorian Global does show the potential to greatly disrupt business security on a massive level. The hack can be executed by both physical theft and Trojan horse through email.

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