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Do you have Spyware unknowingly installed on your system? What are the latest Spyware threats?

In general, Spyware is defined as:

  1. Software that is installed onto your machine without your permission, and
  2. tracks your activity for no user benefit.

There are a lot of sites on the 'Net today which distribute software that promises to make life easy -- the only thing you need to do is download and install it on your machine.

But what is the software really doing?

RE: Spyware Info

There is a web site that is dedicated to keeping the Internet community up-to-date with Spyware news. The name of the site is called Spyware Info and is run by a fellow named Mike Healan. On the Spyware Info web site, you'll see headlines of the latest Spyware threats compiled by Mike. Best of all, Mike also writes publication called the Spyware Weekly -- and it's free.

Consider visiting Mike's Spyware Info website and have a look for yourself!


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