Merge Cells in a Table: MS Word

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Whether you're working with a complex or a simple grid-like table, you may want to merge or combine cells to make a single cell. You use this, for example, when you want to have a title span several columns, or a heading the height of several rows. Other times you want to split a cell into two or more cells.

To merge cells, select the cells and use any of the following techniques:

  • Choose Table | Merge Cells.
  • Right-click and choose Merge Cells.
  • Click the Merge Cells button on the Tables and Borders toolbar. Click the Eraser button and drag across the gridline separating the cells.

The cells become a single cell the same size as the total of the original cells. Any text within the cells is now combined into the single cell.

Go ahead and try it. Experiment a little and before you know it you'll have tables mastered.

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