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A newly introduced device being offered by AutumnWave is allowing laptop users to receive high definition television (HDTV) on the go.

The product, called OnAir GT is an "ashtray-size high-definition tuner that plugs into your laptop, turning it into an HDTV set." The product uses an antenna to pick up analog and digital HD broadcasts. (Source:

The USB-powered OnAir GT requires users to upload product software so that they can watch HDTV on their laptop anywhere a receivable broadcast signal is available. (Source:

Although the common misconception is that HDTV is only being offered over satellite and cable television, the reality of the matter is that over 1,500 TV stations in the US are currently broadcasting HD signals.

AutumnWave, based in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania, is taking advantage of recent technological advances: the increased availability of on-air HDTV signals and the fact that many laptops are being equipped with HD-enabled monitors.

The OnAir GT, which retails for $179 US, is a great gadget for people on the go -- specifically those who may find themselves without TV or Internet access (for instance camping trips and long airport delays).

In a recent statement, AutumWave CEO Patrick Park said, "The OnAir GT is compact so consumers who travel frequently or live in tight quarters, like dorm rooms or studio apartments, can experience high-definition television wherever a receivable broadcast signal exists for a fraction of the usual cost." (Source:

To read a recent review of and watch a video about the OnAir GT, log onto:

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