Microsoft, Yahoo, Google: September's Top Web Properties

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Late last week, comScore Networks revealed the September 2006 ranking of the globe's top fifteen Web properties. ComScore ranks the Web properties based on the number of unique visitors that visit the site. (Source:

Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google: The Frontrunners

The results are in: Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google were the top three most visited websites in September -- and all three giants of technology came in close together.

Microsoft led the pack with approximately 505 million unique visitors to its site; Yahoo came in second with about 481 million unique visitors; and Google was a close third with about 467 million unique visitors. (Source:

YouTube and Wikipedia Gaining Presence

According to comScore, Wikipedia and YouTube, both increased their September Web traffic by 12% over August's numbers.

YouTube, which was purchased recently for $1.65 billion U.S. by Google, is a community-driven site that allows users to upload video clips and movies. Many have challenged YouTube's legality (in terms of copyright issues) -- but Google's recent acquisition of the site has alleviated some of these concerns.

Wikipedia is a community-based encyclopedia that is free and allows Web users to edit its content. (Source:

Other Web Properties That Made The List

According to the Press Release published on comScore's website, in addition to Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, YouTube and Wikipedia, the other Web properties that made the list are:

  • eBay
  • Time Warner Network
  • Amazon
  • Fox Interactive Media
  • Ask Network
  • Adobe Sites
  • Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Lycos, Inc.
  • CNET Networks
  • Viacom Digital

Now if only I'd of invested in Google stock a little sooner ;-).

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