YouTube to Peer Filter Video Content

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Google has dedicated a substantial amount of time revamping the comment sections on their popular YouTube website. Google will modify certain sections to address those concerned with the apparent lack of restriction, and conversely, lack of freedom in regards to their online media database. The changes will be a compromise that intends to appease both parties.

When Google initially purchased, many users felt that corporate ownership would lead to restrictions placed upon their extensive video library. The company has countered these concerns by placing importance on user comments as a way of peer filtering any questionable content. (Source:

YouTube has already begun making changes to the pages that carry CBS videos. YouTube has a licensing agreement with CBS that was finalized last October. (Source:

The changes will ultimately have little effect on the YouTube experience.

The vast majority of pages currently allow users to read the comments of other YouTube watchers who have already seen the video. Problems occur as a result of the automatic start up, in which users are forced to watch/listen to the videos during or before the individual has a chance to preview all comments made about the forthcoming video. (Source:

Now, all comments have been moved to a separate page labeled "view all comments" where users can go and read feedback first before seeing the actual video.

When the licensing agreement between YouTube and CBS was initially reached, CBS began filtering all of the comments that pertained to their videos themselves.

CBS representatives justified their intervention by claiming that their sole targets were remarks that could be categorized as "profane" and "off topic". Users retorted that the material CBS intended to filter was the essence of that which makes YouTube appealing. (Source:

CBS has an automatic filter that usually catches the most blatant attempts at vulgarity, however there always remains an actual CBS employee who further edits the comments that were missed or manipulated by the automatic filter.

CBS videos were among the most-viewed content on the site during their first month of partnership with YouTube.

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