Apple CEO Unveils Apple TV

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Are you sick of watching media clips and movies on your 17 inch monitor? If so, you're in luck: Steve Jobs has unveiled Apple's newest product: Apple TV.

At Macworld Expo, Jobs explained the new product that allows users to watch content from iTunes on their television. The device, which was introduced in September under the code name "iTV," bridges a gap that computer companies have been itching to fill: a variance between the computer and home entertainment system. (Source:

Specifically, Apple TV brings the company head to head against Microsoft for the living room battle. While Microsoft is counting on the Xbox IPTV to raid the home entertainment arena, Steve Jobs hopes that Apple TV can lasso in more customers. (Source:

Apple TV features 720p HD video, a 40 GB hard drive, WiFi, with component and RCA hookups. The product offers 802.11 b/g/n wireless connectivity, USB inputs, and HDMI connections. It runs on an Intel CPU and uses a synchronization process similar to the iPod. (Source:

There's also great news for HDTV lovers: Apple TV is compatible with 720p HDTVs, so content can be viewed in high definition. Conference attendees commented that the picture was much better than when streaming content on a Macbook. (Source:

Apple TV's seamless integration with iTunes allows users to choose from a plethora of feature-length movies, television shows, songs, music videos, podcasts and audiobooks. Users can also view slideshows of their photo albums. The Apple Remote allows users to control Apple TV from 30 feet away. (Source:

Jobs has dubbed the new product "a DVD player for the 21st century," with the main difference being that Apple TV grabs content from the Internet rather than physical DVDs. Apple TV is set for distribution sometime in February. The Apple Store is already taking orders for the $299 US units. (Source:

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