Firefox 3, IE8 Already Underway

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It wasn't so long ago that Microsoft shipped its latest browser, Internet Explorer 7. Ditto for the latest iteration of Mozilla's cult hit Firefox, with version 2 upgrading many of the features that made it second only to IE.

However, even as these two web surfing tools begin to make their way onto more and more home and business computers, Microsoft and Mozilla are hard at work on their next browser generation. It's not surprising considering the one core reason why continual updates are necessary: security.

Codenamed "Gran Paradiso", Mozilla appears ready to launch Firefox 3 sometime this fall. That isn't a very long time from now, leading to speculation that many users may not have even wrapped their heads around version 2.

And yet, Mozilla appears concerned that its browser simply isn't user friendly enough. In fact, most of the additions for a third version surround easier configuration and bookmark features.

Furthermore, Mozilla plans on releasing a browser every year, it seems. The company is already talking about Firefox 4 in 2008, partly because it feels as if the end user needs constant updates in order to be best aware of arising security threats.

Microsoft appears to be headed in the same direction. By offering easier configuration options and more status bar info, they can keep the user informed on all updates loading into the system. Also, Microsoft plans on improving username and password management, likely because of the increased number of phishing campaigns worming their way into popular domains, such as MySpace. (Source:

Thus, it's not unreasonable to imagine IE8 in late 2007, as well. (Source:

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