Add Controls to a Form: MS Word

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You already know how to add simple text fields to a form. Now you can learn how to add and set the properties for Check Box and Drop Down fields in forms.

Check boxes and drop-down boxes offer easy ways to select from several choices without having to type.

Below are the steps to add and customize a check box form field.

  1. Open the template to modify it. In order to do this, you might have to change the Files Of Type to All Word Documents so you can see the template (.dot) listed.
  2. Click the Protect Form button to unlock the template.
  3. Click the Check Box Form Field button next to one choice.
  4. Double-click the field to see the Check Box Form Field Options dialog box.
  5. Choose the size and default value.
  6. Click OK. Copy the label and check box and reproduce it for each choice you want to offer.
  7. Protect the form and save it.
Check boxes appear as small squares next to a choice. You can have

the user check several boxes -- be sure to add captions -- or you can provide a single box for them to check or leave blank.

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