Record and Run a Macro in MS Word

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Many times you find yourself doing the same task over and over and sometimes a task is very difficult for a new user or it's a task that is used so infrequently that even an experienced user has to take the time to figure out exactly how it's done again!

Luckily MS Word enables you to record the steps to accomplish your tasks and store them as a macro. A macro lets you run the steps quickly by pressing a shortcut key or by clicking a customized button on your toolbar.

Macros are automatically stored in the Normal template. When you exit Word, you will see a prompt asking whether you want to save the changes to the Normal template.

Follow the steps below to create your macro:

  1. Click on Tools | Macro | Record New Macro or double-click REC on the Status bar.
  2. Enter a name for the macro.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Perform the keystrokes and mouse actions for the task. As you do this, you see the Stop Recording toolbar on the screen with a Stop and Pause button in case you need them.
  5. Click the Stop Recording button or double-click the REC button on the Status bar.

The steps you recorded are saved as a macro that you can run with a single action.

There are many reasons to create a macro, such as a form that you use all the time in your business. Once your form is created, you can record a macro that opens it and put that macro on your toolbar as a special button. Next time you need that form, all you do is click the button and voila – you have your form!

In another article I'll tell you how to run the macro you just created.

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